An elegant bathroom with large skylights

Opening the roof to open the room

When a bathroom is on the top floor, a skylight that opens up is a popular solution to bringing in daylight and ventilation, especially when wall space is at a premium. Today's skylights, whether they open or not, are better made than those of earlier years, and they’re also better insulated and designed with bulletproof seals (a slight exaggeration) to prevent leaking. Many are engineered for easy installing, with no flashing, mastic, or sealants required.

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Blue lit room with pretty windows

Calling attention to windows

If you're replacing a window, consider making the new one the focal point of the room. Make the replacement a showoff decorative window instead of an ordinary one to fill the opening left by the original. A decorative window, made of acrylic or glass block or stained glass, can be the attention getter in any room, and it's particularly effective in a bathroom, where it lets in light and at the same time provides privacy. Plus you don’t need a window treatment because you don't want to conceal the design. These window units come in a range of sizes, shapes, and patterns, and some can be installed vertically or horizontally, thus offering some variety in placement.

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A bathroom with purple walls and a breezy window

Adding Style and Fresh Air with Windows

A window brings daylight into the room and has the pleasing effect of opening up the space. It's a natural attention getter in a bathroom, whether providing a view of treetops in a second-floor room or a glimpse of a colorful garden from the first-floor powder room. But a window isn't for aesthetics alone; it provides ventilation and fresh air, both key elements for a bathroom.

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A bathroom door with sink in background

Getting Creative with Doors and Windows

If you haven't given much thought to the doors and windows of your new bathroom, think again. A door is more than a way to get in and out of the bathroom; it just may be a design solution if your floor plan is tight on space. For example, special hardware allows standard bifold doors to open and fold flat against the wall instead of taking up precious space in the door jamb. Attractive new pocket doors don't need to swing out into the room and take up valuable space.

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