bathroom remodel

An X shaped bathroom faucet handle

Getting a Handle on Types of Faucets and Controls

When you’re selecting a faucet, make sure that it’s compatible with the sink you choose. Lavatory sinks are drilled for faucets with a distance of 4 inches (center-set) or 8 inches (widespread) between the hot and cold faucet handles. A single hole accommodates most single-control faucets. Many sinks are also available with centered single holes, and some have no drillings for faucets mounted directly on the countertop or on the wall.

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A decorated bathroom sink basin

Looking at Types and Styles of Basins

Before you walk into a bathroom design center to look at basins and faucets, do some noodling about who uses the bathroom, what the priorities are, how often it will is used, the style you like, and how maintenance friendly you want the room to be. Yes, a snappy red pedestal sink would be a knockout, but in a family bathroom, a better choice is a countertop sink with a vanity for storage in a light color that doesn't show soap scum and is easy to clean.

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A building permit

Making It Legal: Remembering Building Codes

The building codes that are decided by the city or county where you live are designed for new homes and renovations to existing ones. So remodeling a bathroom will put you in touch with your local building department. The codes are created as a way to protect you from poor workmanship, which can be dangerous, and to provide a standard and uniform way that work, especially electrical and plumbing work, is completed. A building permit is issued by your local building department, which follows up with a series of inspections during various stages of the construction process and at its completion.

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Acrylic block windows and shower walls in a bathroom

Introducing Glass’s Second Cousin, Acrylic

Acrylic block combines the beauty of glass block with a tough scratch-resistant acrylic plastic, making it considerably lighter than glass block. It is available in prefabricated window and door panels that are fully glazed. These acrylic block assemblies are held together by resilient polymer clips and encased in aluminum or vinyl frames. The window and door panels are easy to install with standard tools, and because acrylic block is installed without mortar, there’s no mess and fewer headaches. The blocks are available in three finishes: clear, patterned, and frosted. They come in standard 6-inch and 8-inch square sizes and 2- and 3-inch thicknesses. The block can be used for custom windows, door inserts, wall partitions, and curved shower enclosures.

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Bathroom plans that have been approved by the NKBA

Reviewing NKBA Planning Guidelines

The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), a trade group of design professionals, suggests these planning guidelines for a safe and functional room for all to enjoy. When these people refer to "clearance space" around a fixture, it means the space required so that the fixture can be used with comfort and ease. Note that these clearance spaces in front of or around fixtures can overlap.

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A handicap accessible bathroom

Gaining Easy Accesses: Universal Design

Not so long ago, universal design was associated with physical disabilities, but today it means a home design philosophy that is user-friendly, regardless of a person’s age or limitations. Really savvy homeowners are remodeling their homes, especially the kitchen and bathrooms, with an eye to the future.

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An elegant bathtub

Rub a Dub Dub! All About Tubs

Now this is where remodeling a bathroom gets really personal. Are you a tub person or a shower person or both? Shrinks probably have theories about what people’s personal bathing preferences disclose about their personality, but we want to leave that one alone. We do know that most people have definite preferences, and if you’re a tub person who delights in soaking in bubbles or steaming in hot bath water, you have a whole lot of options. Even if your space is limited or odd shaped, you can probably find a bathtub or whirlpool to fit your space and satisfy your desire for bathing luxury. 

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A fancily designed bathroom

Ten Great Remodeling Web Sites

When you need help planning a new bathroom, spend some quality time online. Many Web sites are worthy of a long visit. You can get help visualizing colors and styles and find design tools to create a floor plan that lays out the fixtures and furnishings. Many of these design tools are simplified versions of the software that professional designers use, and some are just fun to use because they're interactive and let you play around with different color schemes and palettes. If you have access to the Net, let your fingers do the walking - on the keyboard, that is. Visit these sites, and you'll come away with some good insights and ideas, along with printouts of floor plans or product spec sheets and shopping lists.

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A very spacious bathroom

Ten Ways to Increase Storage Space in a Bathroom

For being one of the smallest rooms in the house, a bathroom is expected to have a whole lot of stuff. It’s no wonder storage is always at a premium. Consider using these ideas to help declutter and take advantage of every inch of space you have.

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bathroom heat lamps

Some like it hot

A heat lamp is installed like a recessed light fixture in the ceiling and provides a direct source of heat to a room. Although it doesn't heat the entire room, its radiant heat warms objects, not the air, in a specific area, often above a vanity or the floor space outside the tub or shower. A heat lamp in the ceiling is a solution for a small bathroom where wall space for a heater is at a premium. You need an insulation-compatible type if the ceiling has insulation.

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