bathroom layouts

bathroom with double sinks and vanity mirrors

Looking at some basic bathroom layouts

No two bathrooms are alike, but the layouts in Figure 2-1 are good examples of well-designed, functional, comfortable bathrooms. In Figure 2-1a, the bathtub and shower borrow space from an adjacent bedroom closet. Figure 2-1b shows a 16-x-17-foot bathroom with two separate vanities, a whirlpool, shower compartment, enclosed toilet room, and linen storage. Figure 2-1c shows a bathroom with separate entrances and double vanities, and the floor plan does a good job serving two kids’ bedrooms on either side of it. It features a bathtub storage in a linen closet, and toilet in a space partitioned with a door for privacy. Figure 2-1d shows how two bathrooms back to back can take advantage of having bathtub and shower plumbing lines on a common wall. Use these ideas for positioning fixtures and spacing to create a design that will suit your needs.

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