A decorative bathroom with red and orange tiles

Ten Easy Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Try some of these easy-on-the-budget and easy-to-execute ideas to give your bathroom that finished look that professional designers do so well- the results may surprise you. No, your bathroom probably won't be featured in Architectural Digest, but your family and guests will notice the improvement.

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Bathroom with great lighting

Let There Be Light!

 No matter what its style, a bathroom should be well lit, well ventilated, and quiet, all qualities that make it a useful and peaceful place. Good lighting is important because of the many tasks- shaving, applying makeup, personal grooming, and reading- performed in a bathroom that require illumination. Proper ventilation is needed in every room of a house, but it's most important in a bathroom to prevent the growth of mold and mildew, which create harmful indoor allergens, not to mention stains on surfaces. And because no matter how humble, a bathroom is always a retreat, it should be quiet and restful, truly an escape from the rest of the house.

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Remodeled bathroom with new tub, sink, and toilet

Reinventing Your Bathroom with a Splash

On emotional, practical, spiritual, and financial levels, a remodeled bathroom can be a very good thing. Maybe you’re thinking that colorful new wall tiles will lift your spirits when you walk in there each morning or after a hard day at the office. Perhaps that shiny, new shower will recharge you, or a relaxing whirlpool bath in the new tub will wash away the day’s problems. And the improvements are sure to enhance the value of your house. You’ll probably appreciate your brand-new bathroom for years to come. You have to spend time there anyway, so you may as well surround yourself in beauty and luxury.

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