shower with glass block

Opening up Spaces with Glass Block

In the 1920s, glass block was all the rage, and it’s making a big comeback today. Glass block has many advantages for use in and around the bathroom. First, it is totally waterproof, and second, it transmits light while still providing a high level of privacy. The more heavily patterned blocks provide more privacy but also block more light. Conversely, less pattern in the block means less privacy.

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bathroom with tile board

Tapping the Power of Paneling

One of the most popular looks in bathrooms today is wrapping the walls or part of them in paneling. Whether finished naturally or painted, wood adds warmth and interest to any room, no matter how small or large. It’s a good coverup for less than perfect walls, and provides an attractive wall detail to an otherwise ordinary bathroom.

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A bathroom with coordinating wallpaper and chair cloth

Wrapping Your Room in Wallcoverings

The wallcoverings in a bathroom set the mood and style by creating a backdrop for the fixtures and furnishings. Flowers and fluff say a feminine person inhabits the space, while soccer balls and scooters running across the walls scream that it’s a kids’ bathroom. And that’s exactly what wallcoverings do- define the room and reveal who uses it. In the same sense, a subdued pattern or subtle design on the walls create a muted backdrop to show off colorful fixtures and furnishings.

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bathroom with wallboard walls

Discovering the Many Faces of Wallboard

Gypsum wallboard is the mainstay of the construction industry. Most walls and ceilings are now constructed with this inexpensive and durable product. Through the years, special-purpose wallboard panels like green board and cement board have been developed to overcome wallboard’s primary enemy: moisture.

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A person remodeling a bathroom

Selecting Surface Materials 101

Before you make any decisions about the design and fixtures in your new bathroom, spend some time thinking about the surface materials you plan to use. Admittedly, musing about wallboard is far from exciting, but the basic materials that make up the surfaces in a bathroom- walls, ceilings, and floors- are important. To create the best new bathroom, take a step back to the basics to discover what makes up the shell of the room. A little knowledge about the different surface materials used in a bathroom goes a long way in guaranteeing surfaces that are sound and durable.

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