bathroom heat lamps

Some like it hot

A heat lamp is installed like a recessed light fixture in the ceiling and provides a direct source of heat to a room. Although it doesn't heat the entire room, its radiant heat warms objects, not the air, in a specific area, often above a vanity or the floor space outside the tub or shower. A heat lamp in the ceiling is a solution for a small bathroom where wall space for a heater is at a premium. You need an insulation-compatible type if the ceiling has insulation.

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Elegant bathroom with recessed lighting

Recessed lighting

Another popular option for overhead lighting in a bathroom is recessed lighting. This style of lighting comes in many forms and can have incandescent, fluorescent, or halogen bulbs. Moisture-proof versions, which usually feature a glass or plastic lens over the can opening, are recommended for areas over bathtubs and shower stalls.

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Bathroom with great lighting

Let There Be Light!

 No matter what its style, a bathroom should be well lit, well ventilated, and quiet, all qualities that make it a useful and peaceful place. Good lighting is important because of the many tasks- shaving, applying makeup, personal grooming, and reading- performed in a bathroom that require illumination. Proper ventilation is needed in every room of a house, but it's most important in a bathroom to prevent the growth of mold and mildew, which create harmful indoor allergens, not to mention stains on surfaces. And because no matter how humble, a bathroom is always a retreat, it should be quiet and restful, truly an escape from the rest of the house.

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Bathroom with a lot of technological gadgets

Letting technology take control

Yes, you should always turn off the bathroom light and fan when you leave the room to save energy, but most likely, the exhaust fan hasn’t finished its work just because you’re finished showering. If you have an exhaust fan with a humidity sensor, you can leave the fan running, and it will turn itself off automatically when the humidity reaches a normal level. This is a great feature, especially in the summer months when the air is humid and the exhaust must run for a longer time to lower the humidity.

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