Is Your Current Bathroom Layout Suitable For Your Remodel?

Written by bprescottJanuary 29, 2012
bathroom with double sinks and vanity mirrors

Looking at some basic bathroom layouts

No two bathrooms are alike, but the layouts in Figure 2-1 are good examples of well-designed, functional, comfortable bathrooms. In Figure 2-1a, the bathtub and shower borrow space from an adjacent bedroom closet. Figure 2-1b shows a 16-x-17-foot bathroom with two separate vanities, a whirlpool, shower compartment, enclosed toilet room, and linen storage. Figure 2-1c shows a bathroom with separate entrances and double vanities, and the floor plan does a good job serving two kids’ bedrooms on either side of it. It features a bathtub storage in a linen closet, and toilet in a space partitioned with a door for privacy. Figure 2-1d shows how two bathrooms back to back can take advantage of having bathtub and shower plumbing lines on a common wall. Use these ideas for positioning fixtures and spacing to create a design that will suit your needs.


Figure 2-1: Taking a look at various bathroom layouts.

Illustration courtesy of Kohler Co.

Rating your present bathroom

Here’s more help from NKBA- a handy checklist to help you find out just how functional and fashionable your present bathroom is . . . or isn’t! There are no right or wrong answers, just thought-provoking questions to help you make meaningful improvements in your next bathroom. Answer yes or no to the following questions:



___ Is the shower head at a comfortable height for all users?

___ Is the shower safe (equipped with nonslip floor, grab bars, a bench seat, and temperature controls)?

___ Is the bathtub big enough?

___ Is the bathtub safe (easy to get into and equipped with faucets within reach and a nonslip bottom)?

___ Is the sink at a comfortable height to wash your face?

___ Is the toilet in a good location (that is, away from swinging doors)?

___ Are the fixtures an attractive color?

___ Are all the fixtures easy to clean?

___ Do shower doors have tempered safety glass?

Storage systems

___ Is the cabinet door style and finish up-to-date?

___ Is the cabinet finish in good shape?

___ Is there enough storage space for your grooming equipment?

___ Do cabinets include a well-organized storage system?

___ Is there a convenient spot for soaps and shampoos in the shower area?

___ Are there enough towel bars?

___ Is there space for towel storage in or near the bathroom?

Mechanical systems

___ Is there an efficient ventilation system in the room?

___ Is the bathroom comfortably warm (in the morning) and after a shower or bath?

___ Is there adequate lighting for your bathroom activities?

___ Are all the electrical outlets protected with ground-fault circuit interrupters to prevent electric shock?

___ Are the plumbing pipes free from leaks?

Major surfaces

___ Are all the surfaces easy to keep clean?

___ Are the walls in the shower or tub free from mildew or dry-rot damage?

___ Is the room aesthetically pleasing?

Room orientation

___ Is the existing bathroom big enough?

___ Does the bathroom relate to adjacent rooms the way you would like?

___ Can two people use the bathroom comfortably and conveniently at the same time?

___ Do entry, closet, or cabinet doors interrupt walkways or block fixture use?


From ‘Bathroom Remodeling For Dummies’
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