Working Around The Schedule Of Your Bathroom Remodel

Written by bprescottFebruary 3, 2012
Small bathroom with jacuzzi

Discovering Some Coping and Scheduling Strategies

Some simple tips on when and when not to schedule a bathroom remodeling can make your life much easier. For example, do not remodel your bathroom in time for a major event such as a graduation or birthday party. You'll create undue stress that can't be avoided and make the project much worse than it has to be. It’s better to schedule the project when you’re not facing an imminent deadline and keep everyone happy.

Summertime is often a good season for a bathroom remodeling project because you probably have fewer deadlines with the kids out of school. Many folks arrange to remodel when the kids go to summer camp so fewer people are in the household.

If you're tempted to go on vacation and return when the work is done, think again. Being home to make on-the-spot decisions is key to getting the new bathroom you want. But if you can arrange to escape for the time the drywallers are sanding, you'll be glad you did.

Resign yourself to the fact that life will not be normal when a bathroom is being torn apart and rebuilt. Water is turned off, electricity gets shut down, and a pile of material and fixtures fills up the garage or porch. Deal with it.

Your pet may have an anxiety attack when a daily contingent of unknown contractors armed with tools arrives on your doorstep. Show extra kindness and patience to your four-legged friend.

Drink wine. At the end of the day, as you inspect the progress (or the lack of it), consider the restorative value of merlot, or maybe a nice chardonnay. Save the champagne for completion day.


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