Which Accessories Work Best For Your New Bathroom?

Written by bprescottJanuary 29, 2012
Bathroom with bright accessories

Choosing an accessory collection

You’ll find collections of stylish bathroom fittings and accessories- both wall-mounted and free-standing items- that blend seamlessly with the decorating style of your house. Finding tasteful, functional accessories that match your personal taste has never been easier.

To choose a design and pattern that enhances the bathroom fixtures and furnishings, think of accessories as jewelry for the bathroom and use them to complete the look you want to achieve. Basic brass can be beautiful in any setting, and so can simple but stylish chrome. If you’re remodeling a Craftsman bungalow bathroom, consider carrying out the design with Mission-inspired accessories to complement the architecture and style of the house. To create a Victorian motif, consider using accessories that combine brass and crystal, reminiscent of the luxury and splendor of a bygone era. For a thoroughly modern home, choose the clean lines of a sophisticated and minimalist look with chrome fittings.

Not sure of the style of your house? Go to the Baldwin Web site (www.baldwinhardware.com) and use the Architectural Style Online Guide to help you recognize and match your home’s styles with hardware and accessories that will look just right.

If you can feel the weight of the accessory, you’ll understand the difference in quality and price. Lift two different towel rings or soap dishes, and you’ll find that the weight of the accessory is a tip-off to its quality. The heavier pieces are made from solid brass and have durable finishes that require less maintenance. Buy the best quality you can afford.

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