What To Consider When Purchasing Vanity Cabinets

Written by bprescottFebruary 7, 2012
A sink with large vanity cabinet

You’re So Vain: Vanity Cabinets and Furniture

A vanity cabinet is like any piece of furniture in that the price goes up as the quality improves. You’ll find in-stock factory-made vanities in a range of sizes and styles, meaning that you can simply walk into a store and leave with the vanity of your choice. Or you can order a semicustom vanity that is factory made and customized the way you want it, with specialty finishes and handy options such as a pull-out tray, bins, and shelves that make it uniquely your own. At the high end is a custom-made cabinet designed by you or a designer to exact specifications not available in stock or semicustom cabinets. Although a custom piece can be pricey, it may be a design solution that makes the most of a cut-up floor plan or takes advantage of confined space. A custom cabinet is available wherever you buy cabinets, but remember that you need to allow extra time if you’re ordering a vanity that’s made to order.

You get what you pay for when it comes to construction of a vanity. You should find that better-quality pieces have backs made with tongue and groove construction, a solid face frame, full-depth drawers, and thick shelving. Notice whether doors have substantial hinges that open and close easily and whether drawers glide on their tracks.

Standard widths of vanity cabinets are 18, 24, 30, 36, and 48 inches.

A vanity cabinet used to be an entity in itself, but today a vanity can be part of a suite of bathroom furniture. Yes, furniture for your bathroom. These modular components, also used for built-ins throughout the house, include shelving units, linen towers, open or closed wall and base cabinets, and filler pieces, all designed in various sizes that can be configured to create a custom bathroom. The pieces are ideal for storing towels, linens, and toiletries and for adding a rich custom look to a room.

Vanities are shorter than kitchen cabinets, which may work for kids and shorter adults, but you may get tired of bending down to wash your face. Manufacturers are now making taller vanity cabinets, or you can use kitchen cabinets as a base to create a higher vanity, and make a new kickboard (the board under the front of the cabinet to cover the platform).

When you have good cabinets but they’re out of style, call a cabinet resurfacing company. For a fraction of the cost of replacing them, these specialists can resurface the cabinets with an updated look.


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