What Is A Bidet And Why Consider One For Your New Bathroom

Written by bprescottFebruary 6, 2012
A white porcelain bidet

Bathing in a Bidet: Personal Hygiene

A bidet, a sit-down wash basin with faucets used for partial bathing, is installed in some luxury bathrooms and master suites. As a small wash basin for personal hygiene, a bidet provides convenient, gentle cleansing for those with conditions such as hemorrhoids, rashes, or incontinence. The user sits astride the bowl, facing the faucet, to control the spray or fills the bowl with water. You can also use a bidet as a foot bath.

Most toilet manufacturers offer bidets in styles and colors that complement their toilets (see Figure 9-10).


Figure 9-10: Taking a look at a typical bidet.

The most typical bidet features a single or two-handle faucet and vertical and horizontal sprays. Although many bidets are open, others incorporate a cover in their design.

Installing a bidet requires rough-in plumbing lines for hot and cold water and a drain, just like a vanity sink. Placement of a bidet is traditionally next to a toilet, so determine the location when designing the bathroom floor plan.


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