Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger With Skylights

Written by bprescottFebruary 7, 2012
An elegant bathroom with large skylights

Opening the roof to open the room

When a bathroom is on the top floor, a skylight that opens up is a popular solution to bringing in daylight and ventilation, especially when wall space is at a premium. Today's skylights, whether they open or not, are better made than those of earlier years, and they’re also better insulated and designed with bulletproof seals (a slight exaggeration) to prevent leaking. Many are engineered for easy installing, with no flashing, mastic, or sealants required.

Going tubular

Another relatively new way to bring natural light into a dark room is a tubular skylight. Here's how it works: The round skylight captures natural light through a roof dome and directs the light into the room through a reflective tunnel with a diffuser that spreads sunlight around the room. Many units come with an electric light so they can function as a ceiling light at night, and others combine an electric light with a vent fan.


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