A List Of Warning Signs When Hiring A Contractor

Written by bprescottFebruary 3, 2012
Two people shaking hands as if over a contract

Warning signs of questionable practices

Anyone who enjoyed watching the movie Tin Men may remember some of the deceitful business practices of the main characters. You need to be on the outlook for some of these practices, too. If you notice any of the following during or after an interview with a contractor, don’t hire that person:

  • You can’t verify the name, address, telephone number, or credentials of the contractor.
  • The contractor tried to pressure you into signing a contract, said your home will be used for advertising purposes so you’ll receive a special low rate, or the price quoted is available only if you sign the contract that day.
  • No references are furnished.
  • The information you received is out of date or no longer valid.
  • You’re unable to verify the license or insurance information.
  • You’re asked to pay for the entire job in advance or to pay in cash to an individual instead of by check to the company itself.
  • The company isn’t listed in the telephone book, with the Better Business Bureau, or with a local trade association, such as NARI.
  • The contractor doesn’t tell you of your right to cancel the contract within three days.


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