How to Choose A new Sink or Faucet For Your Bathroom

Written by bprescottFebruary 15, 2012
A decorated bathroom sink basin

Looking at Types and Styles of Basins

Before you walk into a bathroom design center to look at basins and faucets, do some noodling about who uses the bathroom, what the priorities are, how often it will is used, the style you like, and how maintenance friendly you want the room to be. Yes, a snappy red pedestal sink would be a knockout, but in a family bathroom, a better choice is a countertop sink with a vanity for storage in a light color that doesn't show soap scum and is easy to clean.

The range of styles of basins is matched by their prices, so the options are wide and varied. For example, a 19-inch diameter sink made of vitreous china, which is fired to a hard nonporous surface, sells for less than $100, and a cast-iron basin with a porcelain glaze goes for about $150. The price goes up to $1,000 if you want a fanciful pottery sink or glass vessel that sits above a counter or in a metal bracket mounted on the wall. For a granite or marble bowl, the prices go into the $1,600 range.

Both cast polymer and solid surface sinks are sold as one unit, called an integral sink, combining a sink and a countertop that you can install easily on top of a vanity base cabinet. They come in a range of sizes, from 25 to 49 inches wide, and are designed to fit the most popular size of vanity cabinets. The seamless design of these units makes them easy to clean and eliminates the need for caulk to seal a joint between the countertop and basin. A 36-inch-wide cast polymer countertop and sink, made of polyester resin and granite or crushed marble, costs under $350. For under $700, you’ll get a solid surface unit with color throughout its thickness, a popular choice for shaped and contoured edges.

If you choose either a free-standing or wall-hung sink, make sure that you increase storage space in the bathroom because neither of these styles has it.




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