Hands Free Faucets For Your Bathroom

Written by bprescottFebruary 7, 2012
Hands free faucet

Look ma, no hands!

You know how handy it is to wash your hands at the airport washroom? Well, we think it is, too. It won't be long before the price of those electronic "hands-free" faucets will come down in price and become a popular choice in today's busy family bathrooms. Maybe the cost of water will have something to do with it too, because these faucets are very thrifty. The least expensive one we found costs about $300 (by Delta Faucets), but it's not that easy to install. One of the advantages to the no-hands electric faucets made for residential use is that you can change the water temperature. You can't do that with commercial models, which are set at a fixed temperature. Remember that you heard it here first: Electronic faucets will be playing in your neighborhood soon.


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