Glass Block In Your New Bathroom

Written by bprescottJanuary 30, 2012
shower with glass block

Opening up Spaces with Glass Block

In the 1920s, glass block was all the rage, and it’s making a big comeback today. Glass block has many advantages for use in and around the bathroom. First, it is totally waterproof, and second, it transmits light while still providing a high level of privacy. The more heavily patterned blocks provide more privacy but also block more light. Conversely, less pattern in the block means less privacy.

Available in many sizes and shapes, glass block can be fabricated into windows, wall partitions, and shower stalls by a skilled mason. It’s available in colors and many finishes- from crystal clear to frosted glass- and many different patterns.

Most home centers stock the standard 6-inch, 8-inch, and 12-inch square blocks. Prefabricated windows and partition wall and shower wall assemblies of glass blocks can also be custom built by the manufacturer and shipped to the building site. These can be installed by carpenters, which makes a bath remodeling project run smoother because finding a mason to install the glass blocks can be a challenge in some areas of the country.

Glass block shower stall kits, available from several manufacturers, include a prefabricated shower pan, or floor, with the base for the glass block walls molded into the pan. Several styles are available, including a stylish enclosure with a curved wall.

In the past, custom shower pans to accommodate curved glass block shower walls had been a source of leaks. Today prefabricated shower pans simplify the installation of a glass block shower stall with rounded walls.


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