Exploring The Possibilities For Your Bathroom Remodel

Written by bprescottJanuary 29, 2012
An updated bathroom with hardwood floors

Playing with the possibilities

After you have the basic floor plan, you can start playing with the possibilities. People in the remodeling industry like the saying "Anything is possible, given enough time and cash," and the operative word here is cash! Forget about budget for a while (of course, you really can’t forget your budget forever) and explore what you can do in the existing space. Consult your wish list and notebook clipping file for inspiration.

Even an unlimited budget can’t overcome the problems of a bad design. Remember to pay attention to the recommendations about the minimum clearance space needed for fixtures from the NKBA.

To help you visualize these minimum guidelines, use your tracing paper to draw up a template for each type fixture. For example, the minimum open space in front of a toilet should be 48 inches square. Draw the outline of a toilet on your graph paper and then draw a 48-inch box in front of the toilet. Do the same with a standard bathtub outline, but place a 30-inch-deep box in front of the bathtub. Follow the NKBA recommendations and include the free space in front of all the fixture templates you created. Then in your new design, arrange the fixtures so that no fixture is located in the free space of another fixture. The free space area of each fixture may overlap, however. You may discover that you have lots of possibilities.


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