Drawing Up A Floor Plan For Your Bathroom Remodel

Written by bprescottJanuary 29, 2012
Bathroom remodeling sketches

Drawing up a floor plan

The best way to help you visualize the remodeling possibilities is to do what the professionals do: Make a scale drawing of the space. The process of creating a scale drawing forces you to take careful note of the existing room and everything in it. And it gives you a concise record of the key dimensions of the area you plan to change. As you work through the design with a contractor or designer, or if you do the work yourself, a scaled drawing gives you information to carry on an informed discussion, ask questions, and choose materials and fixtures more confidently.

Using design software tools

To design your bathroom, you can use graph paper, buy inexpensive software, such as Broderbund’s 3D Home Architect (about $30), or use the online tools available on the Internet at manufacturer Web sites such as Kohler.com. If you don’t have a computer, go to your public library, where you can get access to the Internet.

The real advantage to the high-tech approach is that after you create the basic floor plan, the computer can render a virtual bathroom from the floor plan that lets you see what the bathroom might look like in a three-dimensional image. These tools also can generate a shopping list of all the fixtures and cabinets you need.

Expect a learning curve when using design software for the first time, but you can figure out most simpler house design programs without too much anguish.

Even if you use a computer to create your design, you still need to do some low-tech tasks with a tape measure, paper, and pencil because any computer software you use is based on the data or dimensions you put in it. Spend the time and effort to get accurate measurements and preliminary drawings of the existing bathroom or area you want to remodel because any new designs depend on the accuracy of this initial information.

Designing the old-fashioned way

The pencil-and-paper approach is less expensive than computer-based design and will certainly get the job done. To make a scaled drawing of the existing bathroom, you need the following:

  • 1/4-inch-square graph paper
  • 16-foot (or longer) steel measuring tape
  • Art gum eraser
  • Masking tape
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Tracing paper
  • Unlined paper

Even if you hated art class in school, this is going to be fun because no drawing is required. Sit on the floor or the toilet or in the tub and make Leonardo da Vinci proud.

1. Sketch it out.

Make a rough paper sketch of the room on unlined paper. This sketch should have all openings, including doors and windows; the location of the existing plumbing fixtures (toilet, bathtub, shower, and vanity); the location of all electrical lines, including outlets and receptacles, light fixtures, and fans; heating and cooling pipes and heating ducts; and walls and partitions.

If you’re considering borrowing space from an adjacent room, make a sketch of it, too. You may want to use space from a closet in the room next to it, a linen closet in the hall nearby, or an adjacent bathroom.

2. Add dimensions to the sketch.

Next, with the help of a friend, use the tape measure to take measurements of the bathroom. Hold the tape tightly at both ends to get exact dimensions. Measure the length of the walls, windows, and fixtures and mark them on the rough sketch. Go back and double-check the measurements for accuracy.

3. Transfer the room dimensions to a sheet of graph paper.

Each 1/4-inch square on the graph paper is equal to 6 inches, or 1/2 foot.

For example, a 6-foot-long wall will be 12 squares long in the drawing. First, draw the bathroom walls and partitions and then the surrounding areas. Include the doors and the direction they swing open and, of course, any windows. Then draw in the fixtures to complete the floor plan.

You now have the basic layout of the existing bathroom and its adjacent areas. If you plan an addition to expand the size of the bathroom, the scaled drawing should include the exterior wall you plan to open.

Don’t lose your original sketch. Keep it safely tucked in your bathroom notebook so it’s safe and you won’t lose it. Some people like to keep it on a clipboard so it’s easy to work on. Whatever you decide, don’t misplace it.

Making an overlay

The scaled graph paper floor plan becomes the background that you can use with several different designs on tracing paper. To make your first one, place a piece of tracing paper over the sketch on the graph paper and hold it in place with a piece of masking tape. Then trace over the floor plan with a sharp pencil to transfer the floor plan to the tracing paper, as shown in Figure 2-2. Voilà- you have an accurate rendition of the existing floor plan as a starting point for your new design.


Figure 2-2: Use tracing paper to create different room designs.

Lift the tracing paper up off the graph paper, and you’ll see you’ve created the basic layout of the bathroom. You can have several versions going at the same time; just tape additional sheets of tracing paper over one another. Each version can be a variation of the other, but they’re all based on the existing location of the walls, doors, and windows. Make design changes to the tracing paper.

If the new bathroom will take space from an adjacent room, note any walls or partitions that will be removed. If the new bathroom will be bumped out onto cantilevered floor joists, make note of the foundation and ground space below it.

Making templates

Place Figure 2-3 on a photocopier and make a copy of it. Then cut out the shapes of the basic fixtures and use them on the scaled drawing.


Figure 2-3: Creating templates of your bathroom floor plan.

Alternatively, you can purchase a plumbing fixture template from your local drafting supply or art store. Most house plans use a scale of 1/4 inch to a foot, but because the bathroom is a smaller area than a house, a scale of 1/2 inch to a foot is easier to work with. If you can’t find a template of 1/2 inch to the foot, purchase the 1/4-inch-scale template and make each square on the graph paper equal a foot.

Being creative with design tools on the Internet

If you’re using design software or a design tool at a manufacturer’s Web site, use the dimensions from the sketch you made. In general, you follow a sequence of inputting or filling in the size of the room and the location and length of walls, windows, and doors. When completed, the software generates a design. This can be a time-intensive exercise depending on how user-friendly the software or design tool is and how easily you can input the data. But tough it out, be patient, and let the computer do the work and churn out different designs.


From ‘Bathroom Remodeling For Dummies’
Copyright © 2003 by Wiley Publishing, Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana
Used by arrangement with John Wiley & Sons, Inc.



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ago. In addition to this, it has reached a level
where you would probably be better off heading for the exit.The StockThe instrument in question is
C N Citigroup (NYSE:C) Capital XIII, 7.875% Fixed/Floating TruPS Trust Preferred

iphone 8 case The Texas sauce is tomato based a common crop in the arid region. The Carolina sauce is vinegar based,
rooted in the East Coast's use of vinegar to preserve food.
Kansas City sauce is molasses based and quite sweet, originating from that region's staple crop of sorghum.
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iphone 7 case 103,[2] which effectively codified nonobviousness as a requirement to show that an idea
is suitable for patent protection. The section essentially requires a comparison of the subject matter sought
to be patented and the prior art, to determine whether or not the
subject matter of the patent as a whole would have been obvious, at the
time of the invention, to a person having ordinary skill in the art.
Clark held that the Congress, in passing the Act, intended to codify and clarify the common law surrounding the
Patent Act by making explicit the requirement of nonobviousness..

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iphone 6 plus case The average monthly wage in Vietnam was $194 during the fourth quarter of
2013, according to government statistics. Vietnam may fail to reach its 2014 gross domestic product growth target
of 5.8 percent, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung said during an Aug.
7 investment conference. iphone 6 plus case

iPhone Cases Its pretty much the only thing they know about you.

This is how it works:"We are very interested in your product: Uranium Control Rod Model XF 23. Can you send 1 sample? Please ship using our FEDEX account number: 142234423Ship to:Thank you very much,I. iPhone Cases

iPhone Cases sale Turntables and record players are expensive monstrosities that could teach the car industry a thing or two about planned obsolescence. Or you could get a wireless RokBlok record player and not make a big deal about it. This tiny device is like a toy car that drives over your record's grooves, letting you enjoy the warm crackle of vinyl anywhere with a flat surface. iPhone Cases sale

iphone 6 plus case Go to the Settings app on your phone the icon is grey and has an image of cogs on it. Within the app go to the "General" tab, then "About" and scroll down to see your serial number. You can copy it by pressing and holding on the number, then go to Apple's recall page and see if your handset is eligible.. iphone 6 plus case

iPhone x case And their weapons are very good indeed, they have some of the most advanced technology in the world. At its best it is a match for even the dwarves in terms of power as long as you think words like "safety features", "reliability" and "minimum safe distance" are for losers who just don understand genius. I am sure we will see one of their most famous weapons in the game at some point. iPhone x case

Residential mortgage market and is focused on investing in distressed mortgage loans available for acquisition from financial institutions and engaging in correspondent lending. PMT is managed by PNMAC Capital Management, LLC, an indirect subsidiary of PennyMac Financial Services, Inc. (NYSE:PFSI).

iPhone Cases Verizon Wireless: Mobile hotspot is included with the carrier shared data plans, whereas a tablet only plan would cost you $10 more per month. For all other plans, mobile hotspot costs $20 per month and provides 2 GB of additional monthly data. The same $20 gets you just 1 GB per month if you sign up for a separate tablet plan. iPhone Cases

iPhone Cases So unless you are planning on only playing old ps2 CS iidx styles then you would have to get a good low lag ps2 to USB adapter to use it on your computer which would work for LR2 but I don know if it would work for Infinitas. These controllers aren bad but they are just a small bump up from the smaller ps2 controllers where as the Dao controllers have much better parts, even stock. The first novel, Storm Front, was published in 2000 by Roc Books iPhone Cases.

Joseph Duggar enjoys playing baseball and loves lasagna.

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Best of all, Greinke could actually do better than those stats suggest,
and he could easily finish the 2009 season as a top 15 overall fantasy
baseball starting pitcher. Dogs must run down a straight line of hurdles, clearing all jumps and not
deviating from the path.

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These rankings are normally arranged by different positions in the games.
They are a bit difficult, and suspicious, so getting one of these can be a challenge much like the rarely caught muskies.
Louis, the once star studded pitching prospect, Reyes found his groove immediately with the Indians at the end
of the 2008 season.

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Time for some spring gadget cleaning. Wiping off your screen is a good start, but going a step further might just be the solution you
need if your phone has had problems charging. It sounds completely ridiculous, but the trick is
to stick a thumbtack with a plastic top (or as our Facebook readers point out,
a toothpick) into your iPhone Lightning port..

cheap iphone Cases One of the admins mentioned something along the lines of moving to open beta for the redesign a week or
two ago, but not even every mod had access then. Plus at the moment some
really important functions subs rely on aren even possible.
For mine in particular, user selectable themes is most important.

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cheap iphone Cases I expect very strong results from this
segment going through fiscal year 2018 on the back of stronger margins and the
revenue from the two acquisitions. The Ceratti acquisition is especially meaningful
as it gives a big boost to Hormel's international business, which is small (only
5.7% of Hormel's 2016 operating profit came from international),
and establishes a base from which to expand further in South America.
On the topic of international, Hormel also just opened a new plant in Jiaxing, China, from which to
better produce SPAM, SKIPPY, and Muscle Milk. cheap iphone Cases

iPhone Cases sale Competitive pricing means its a rival for models such as the SEAT Leon,Hyundai i30, Kia Cee'd and Peugeot 308,
although you might want to consider it over other models, such
as the Ford Focus, Mazda 3,Honda Civic and Volkswagen Golf.Image 2 of 15The Pulsar was launched with two engines options in 2014.
There was a 1.2 DIG T 115 turbo petrol, or a 1.5 dCi 110 diesel.
Only the 1.2 petrol is available with Nissan's Xtronic
CVT automatic gearbox, though. iPhone Cases sale

iphone 8 plus case One of Swinimer roommates, Gretel is a pine
marten, the curious and vocal cousin of the wolverine and
the weasel. A tunnel leads from Gretel hutch to the warmth of the white
house, where she has free range. Steals socks, says Swinimer.
SAN DIEGO, Calif. (CBS News 8) The average age for a child
to get a cell phone is ten years old; and three out of four teenagers now own an iPhone.do have study groups
on Facebook or I have a messenger group with my friends from my physics class, said 17 year old Julia, a
Westview High School student.need my phone to check my grades during school
and to get in contact with my teachers, said Paymon, age 14.Once your child has
a smartphone, it easy for them to become addicted and pretty hard to take it away.have
not had my phone taken away. I've been very good at hiding it if I ever needed to, said 15 year old Delilah.Around 2012, smartphone ownership in America surpassed 50 percent.
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cheap iphone Cases I vaccinate (no, vaccinations did not and do
not cause Autism). We don do the shit science diets because
there is not a diet that is going to cure this and there is not a diet that will make this
better. I do homeopathic things for some comfort of my own, but the pseudoscience moms can just keep
all of that shit over in their corner and I stay in my lane
and that that. cheap iphone Cases

iPhone x case However, thanks to lower interest expense and a significant tax benefit,
earnings were strong.Earnings impress Taking into account revenues and expenses,
as well as a $771 million income tax benefit, net income was $1.39 billion or $1.75 per share, compared to $293 million or
$0.40 per diluted share in the year ago quarter.

But it's a GAAP number, so factoring in premiums
paid and costs incurred in connection with debt
repurchases of $1.1 billion this quarter and $1.0 billion in the prior year quarter,
adjusted earnings per share came in at $2.66:Source: SEC filingsOf course, this compares to $1.25 last year and obliterated our estimates that were
made before tax reform was a reality, so they are not comparable.
Now, it must be noted that $1.07 of these
earnings were related to a tax benefit from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.
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iphone 7 plus case But wood can carry invasive insects,
so European Union regulations require all imported wood to be heat
treated to kill bugs. Suppliers need to receive government
certification of their process, called phytosanitation. Once loaded into cargo ships, the chip containers are hooked up to a blower system that delivers heated air that kills any stowaway pests iphone 7 plus case.

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Social issues are gaining in importance, and proper mitigation of these risks is becoming a vital pre requisite for mining project development not just in Canada but also in allegedly less developed places.
Sergeant Schultz like due diligence spells trouble in such cases.Actionable Ideas Steven Goldman thinks Golden Arrow (OTCQB:GARWF) is Undervalued With Catalysts.ML data by YChartsDrill Result Summary Wesdome Gold (OTCPK:WDOFF) is expanding Zone 7 at
the Eagle River mine. Drifting on the 975 and 991 levels has yielded exceptional grades
and thickness over combined (East and West) strike lengths
of 99m and 104m, respectively.

iPhone Cases Subsequent governments increased the inclusion rate to 66
2/3 per cent in 1988, then increased it again to 75 per cent in 1990.
A decade later, it was dropped back down again to 66 2/3 per cent on Feb.
28, 2000 and then further reduced on Oct. Shortly after Ashford approached, was trying to take the safety off.

We saw his tendons in his hands, he was just about
to squeeze the trigger. And just as he was trying to squeeze the trigger, (the couple friend)
pulled it a split second faster, the woman said. iPhone Cases

iPhone Cases sale It is often difficult to determine which, if either, of these
concepts apply to later lawsuits that are seemingly related,
because many causes of action can apply to the same factual situation and vice versa.
The scope of an earlier judgment is probably the most difficult question that judges
must resolve in applying res judicata. Sometimes merely part of the action will be
affected. iPhone Cases sale

cheap iphone Cases When it comes to mobiles, the public is
definitely not deprived from variety. In fact, there is
so much to choose from that often they are left in a dilemma.
Well known brands like Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and
Blackberry have been selling phones for years together, providing undeniably excellent quality service.

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iphone x cases Hormel is the winner.P/E Ratio (current hist.) Payout Ratio Yield (current hist.) Coca Cola (NYSE:
KO) 49 22.7 151.6% 3.1% 3% Lancaster Colony (Nasdaq: LANC) 28.4 23.6 51.2% 1.84% 1.8% Tootsie Roll (TR) 34.39
32 32.7% 1% 1% Coca Cola: While the yield is nice, KO
is too richly valued and has far too high a payout ratio for me to be of interest.
Also, the company is in a transitional stage as it divests
its bottling assets and focuses on the higher margin syrup
business. It is too early to tell how well this strategy will work.
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iphone 8 plus case One great feature of this IM app is
that it allows you to view all open dialogs and unread messages in one window.
It also supports emoticons and avatars. (Download link)Another Android IM app that you may want to check out is IM which was released just
last month. iphone 8 plus case

iphone 8 case Just looking at them makes me want to scream
in agony but she genuinely doesn seem bothered it wild.
(Yes, the DMV knows, they seem fine with it. O_O
) She also writes by shoving a large barreled pen into the claw and
manipulating her wrist to form the letters. iphone 8 case

iphone 7 case Avast detects and removes viruses and malware a
program with malicious intent from your computer. It's free for non commercial use
but the free copy must be registered so you'll get the latest
program versions and virus definitions. This is important because new viruses are always entering circulation. iphone 7 case

iphone x cases You can also answer calls to your phone from the Mac and even make them from it.
All these features seem not so appealing only till you experience them.
These are the exclusivity charms that Apple offers if you give into their ecosystem,
which most Android supporters like me consider the dark side.
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iPhone Cases sale (CP)Norfolk Southern Corp.

(NSC)Kansas City Southern Inc. (KSU)The railroads sector
is currently facing a few challenges that investors or potential investors need
to be aware of. The idea that you have may be a good one, but if
it doesn't connect to somebodies workflow, it's not going to get implemented.
If you have an idea, go to talk to the colleagues
whose workflow you might impact. See whether your idea is any good or
if it needs to be tweaked to connect better
with the existent workflow iPhone Cases sale.

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"I was working at Artamon, Sydney, at the time in 1989 or '90 and commuting to work from Epping along Epping Road. Last thing I recalled was a BMW decal on the side of a delivery van flashing past my eyes and wondering where it had come from. I was halfway down a moderate Sydney hill on a major road well north of 35kph.

iphone 8 plus case The Oglander family was playing bridge in the drawing room of their house in Streatham last night when the French windows burst open and a woman staggered in, blood on her dress. She managed to say, "Murder!" and then collapsed. The family fetched both a doctor and the police who called at the next door villa to find the body of Henry Reedburn, the theatrical impresario, dead in the library with his skull split open by some unknown weapon. iphone 8 plus case

iphone x cases The average incubation period for measles is 10 to 12 days from exposure to prodrome and 14 days from exposure to rash (range: 7 days). Persons with measles are infectious 4 days before through 4 days after rash onset. In the United States, from 1987 to 2000, the most commonly reported complications associated with measles infection were pneumonia (6 otitis media (7 and diarrhea (8 (8). iphone x cases

iphone x cases A resident returned to find a door slightly opened, a stove moved, a screen removed and a window opened, and a room ransacked. A cell phone was reported stolen.8. Grand theft. Telephone marketing campaigns are capable of promoting both sales and support for customers as they wait on the line. They can be devised to answer frequently asked questions about products or services, saving both time and money. An on hold message provides an opportunity to introduce new products or partnerships as well as cross selling offerings that a sales force may not have time to mention on the telephone with a customer. iphone x cases

iPhone Cases sale On October 18, 2013, another BTD5 Deluxe exclusive tower was added: Bloonchipper. In addition, private matches can also be played via Game Center friends, along with 4 new tracks: Treetop, Maze, and 2 Halloween themed tracks Patch and Scorched Earth. The main menu was also Halloween themed. iPhone Cases sale

iphone 7 case We know for a fact that incidence of mobile theft has increased at a very rapid phase globally. This is due to the high cost involved in purchasing brand new handsets and the information stored on it including the apps installed are all very valuable. A gadget savvy user knows the perils of getting your personal and banking information in the wrong hands. iphone 7 case

iPhone Cases Might Leon end up on Connor right side from time to time? Almost assuredly. But I predict it will be primarily spot duty, because even if Ryan Nugent Hopkins or Ryan Strome play well enough to be a regular 2C, neither possesses anything resembling the physical presence that Leon does, and never will. And yes, I realize that Todd McLellan has spoken glowingly of Nuge as a pivot. iPhone Cases

iphone 7 case Citizen, Mancini said. It was the first time Ali Jr. And his mother have been asked if they're Muslim when re entering the United States, he said.. Many people don regularly carry cash around anymore, and when it comes to paying your buddies back, this has become a problem. Your friend Steve who just covered your dinner bill does not take credit cards. If you the one spotting someone cash, you just have to badger them later for payback is, if you remember. iphone 7 case

iPhone Cases The historian Herodotus wrote that Egyptian pharaoh Psammetichus I (Psamtik) sought to discover the origin of language by conducting an experiment with two children. Allegedly, he gave two newborn babies to a shepherd, with the instructions that no one should speak to them, but that the shepherd should feed and care for them while listening to determine their first words. The hypothesis was that the first word would be uttered in the root language of all people. iPhone Cases

iphone x cases Both of these amounts were within our guidance ranges. We also exceeded our net revenue guidance for the year.Slides 4 and 5 demonstrate the impact of divestitures on our adjusted EBITDA and margins. Stabler in Greenville, Alabama on October 31, 2017 which now brings the divestiture total to seven non strategic facilities through December 31, 2017.Our adjusted EBITDA adjusted for the seven completed divestures this quarter was $54.1 million iphone x cases.

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