Consider A Decorative Window When Replacing Your Bathroom Window

Written by bprescottFebruary 7, 2012
Blue lit room with pretty windows

Calling attention to windows

If you're replacing a window, consider making the new one the focal point of the room. Make the replacement a showoff decorative window instead of an ordinary one to fill the opening left by the original. A decorative window, made of acrylic or glass block or stained glass, can be the attention getter in any room, and it's particularly effective in a bathroom, where it lets in light and at the same time provides privacy. Plus you don’t need a window treatment because you don't want to conceal the design. These window units come in a range of sizes, shapes, and patterns, and some can be installed vertically or horizontally, thus offering some variety in placement.

Assuming the exterior of the house has wood, aluminum, or vinyl siding (not brick or concrete), the installation of a decorative window is similar to installing any window unit. It involves framing the rough opening to size as specified in the installation instructions, positioning the unit in place, using wooden shims to adjust and level the window, fastening it into the framing with wood screws, and caulking it to seal any openings around it. Many decorative windows are prefabricated with trim, so no carpentry trim work is required.

If the wall opening is the same size, installing the new unit isn’t too difficult. If you need to make the opening larger, however, the job requires cutting into the exterior siding and interior wall. The worst case involves an opening larger than the new window; in that situation, the exterior siding has to be patched in with framing and siding, and the interior wall has to be framed and finished around the new unit. Replacing windows with units of the same size or smaller is the most economical approach.


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