Choosing the Right Handles For Your New Faucet

Written by bprescottFebruary 7, 2012
Handles and faucet

Getting a Handle on Types of Faucets and Controls

When you’re selecting a faucet, make sure that it’s compatible with the sink you choose. Lavatory sinks are drilled for faucets with a distance of 4 inches (center-set) or 8 inches (widespread) between the hot and cold faucet handles. A single hole accommodates most single-control faucets. Many sinks are also available with centered single holes, and some have no drillings for faucets mounted directly on the countertop or on the wall.

When it comes to faucet controls and handles, some single-handle faucets have the handle mounted directly behind the spout, which can limit the space around the spout, making it challenging to keep clean. You’ll notice that short spouts don't take up much room, but they also don't always deliver water where you want it in the basin. The bottom line is to decide whether you're happy with the faucet control and handles of the faucet you have, and then choose a new one based on that decision. Many people wouldn't consider a two-handle faucet because they enjoy the ease of operating a single-lever control, especially comfortable for someone with a sore wrist or chronic arthritis.

Others swear that a pullout spout with a push-button spray in the bathroom is the handiest convenience because they like to wash their hair in the sink. Only you know what type of faucet and control gives you the convenience and comfort you want from a faucet.

Finishes come in basic chrome alone and brushed with polished brass and other finishes, including stainless steel, nickel, black, white, and new accent colors and patterns. For design direction, consider choosing your bathroom fixtures and fittings from a manufacturer’s collection of products, which are all coordinated, but from different price categories, and which can be stylishly used together.


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