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Remodeled bathroom with new tub, sink, and toilet
January 28, 2012

Reinventing Your Bathroom with a Splash On emotional, practical, spiritual, and financial levels, a remodeled bathroom can be a very good thing. Maybe you’re thinking that colorful new wall tiles will lift your spirits when you walk in there each...

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A bathroom with coordinating wallpaper and chair cloth

Wrapping Your Room in Wallcoverings

The wallcoverings in a bathroom set the mood and style by creating a backdrop for the fixtures and furnishings. Flowers and fluff say a feminine person inhabits the space, while soccer balls and scooters running across the walls scream that it’s a kids’ bathroom. And that’s exactly what wallcoverings do- define the room and reveal who uses it. In the same sense, a subdued pattern or subtle design on the walls create a muted backdrop to show off colorful fixtures and furnishings.

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bathroom with wallboard walls

Discovering the Many Faces of Wallboard

Gypsum wallboard is the mainstay of the construction industry. Most walls and ceilings are now constructed with this inexpensive and durable product. Through the years, special-purpose wallboard panels like green board and cement board have been developed to overcome wallboard’s primary enemy: moisture.

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A person remodeling a bathroom

Selecting Surface Materials 101

Before you make any decisions about the design and fixtures in your new bathroom, spend some time thinking about the surface materials you plan to use. Admittedly, musing about wallboard is far from exciting, but the basic materials that make up the surfaces in a bathroom- walls, ceilings, and floors- are important. To create the best new bathroom, take a step back to the basics to discover what makes up the shell of the room. A little knowledge about the different surface materials used in a bathroom goes a long way in guaranteeing surfaces that are sound and durable.

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Small bathroom in home

Surviving bathroom remodeling in a one-bath house

What if you live in a one-bathroom house, and you want to remodel it, but you have to live in your house while the bathroom is being remodeled? Now that's the challenge that tests the mettle of a family or a relationship.

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Roomy bathroom with windows and blue walls

Being there 24/7

You need to stick around the house during the remodeling. You may be tempted to avoid the project completely and take off on a vacation. What the heck, hand the house keys to the contractor, hit the road, and return to a perfect new bathroom. Wrong!

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A bathtub under construction

Bracing Yourself for the Construction

The bathroom is only one room, but you'll be amazed at how much material goes into making it fully function as the bathroom of your dreams. So where does all the stuff get stashed when it's delivered prior to installation? You guessed it - wherever there's space in and around your house. Some folks feel that tripping over and living around large boxes and building materials are the worst parts of remodeling because those annoyances discombobulate their daily life. But if you can mentally prepare yourself for being displaced for a while, it's not nearly so bad.

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A bathroom decorated according to feng shui

Creating positive forces by using feng shui

Want to include some feng shui when designing your new bathroom? The main problem with incorporating this ancient Chinese art into your bathroom is that a bathroom has drains, the largest being a toilet, which eliminates energy (along with wastewater). The solution is to make sure that the toilet isn’t visible when entering because it drains the room of energy. A better choice is to locate a toilet behind the door or a wall so that you can’t see it from the doorway.

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An updated bathroom with hardwood floors

Playing with the possibilities

After you have the basic floor plan, you can start playing with the possibilities. People in the remodeling industry like the saying "Anything is possible, given enough time and cash," and the operative word here is cash! Forget about budget for a while (of course, you really can’t forget your budget forever) and explore what you can do in the existing space. Consult your wish list and notebook clipping file for inspiration.

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Cabinet doors with knobs

Jazzing up your hardware

To personalize ordinary but nice cabinets and doors in a bathroom, replace the existing hardware with new decorative knobs, pulls, and handles. You’ll find complete suites of hardware, including coordinated cabinet hinges and switch plate covers, to transform a bathroom. Decorative cabinet hardware is a growing segment of the home decor industry, meaning that consumers have many more options. By adding customized cabinet hardware, you’re adding your personal signature with style.

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Bathroom with bright accessories

Choosing an accessory collection

You’ll find collections of stylish bathroom fittings and accessories- both wall-mounted and free-standing items- that blend seamlessly with the decorating style of your house. Finding tasteful, functional accessories that match your personal taste has never been easier.

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